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Guodian Shuangwei Shanghaimiao Project Unit 2 hoists the installation of generator rotor in place

2021-7-29 17:49:31

At 12:50 of July 29, the installation of generator rotor of unit 2 of Guodian Shuangwei Shanghaimiao Project was successfully completed, marking the successful completion of another major node of the project.

The generator rotor body of unit 2 is 6.9m long, weighs 96T, and the outer diameter of the rotor is 1.1m.Before rotor hoisting, the project organized a comprehensive safety technical disclosure to relevant engineering technology, safety management and mechanical operators, and confirmed and inspected the on-site threading conditions in conjunction with the owner, supervisor and general contractor. At 7:56 a.m., the rotor was officially lifted. The lifting personnel commanded the crane to slowly thread the rotor into the stator bore, then replaced the lifting point of the lifting rope, dragged the stator in with the chain fall and the crane, and finally lifted the rotor in place with two cranes. The whole dressing process is operated in a standard, stable and orderly manner. At 12:50 p.m., the generator rotor was successfully installed in place.

The successful completion of the installation of the generator rotor has laid a good foundation for the comprehensive development of the subsequent installation of the generator.