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Bangladesh SSPIL Project Unit 2 completes the hoisting in place

2021-8-9 15:29:21

At 9:16 am of August 8 in Bangladesh, the generator stator of Unit 2 be lifted and hoisted in place, marking another important milestone of SSPIL Project.

The generator of unit 2 is 9364 mm in length, 5484 mm in width, 3915 mm in height and 276t in weight. It is lifted by Dutch crane. In order to ensure the smooth lifting of the generator stator in place, the project prepared carefully, organized and planned in advance, formulated a scientific and feasible lifting scheme, and arranged experts on the site for guidance. Before hoisting, check and implement the documents, instruments, personnel organization, site environment and other aspects. During the lifting process, all departments and professionals cooperate closely, operate in strict accordance with the lifting scheme, and engineering technicians and safety supervisors monitor the whole process. The lifting operation is carried out in an orderly manner to ensure the safe and smooth completion of the whole lifting process.

The successful lifting of unit 2 generator stator has laid a solid foundation for the smooth installation of turbo-generator in the next step.